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Wonder Egg Priority bonus episode will last one hour

On the official Twitter account for the original CloverWorks anime, Wonder Egg Priority, it was announced that the additional episode will be aired in a one-hour block of programming, commercials included. The episode will premiere on June 29 in Japan and will continue the story directly. Finally, the series premiered in Japan during the Winter-2021 season (January-March) and was listed with a total of twelve episodes, with Funimation in charge of its distribution in the West.


Production team

  • Shinji Nojima is credited with the original idea and is also in charge of writing and supervising the series scripts.
  • Shin Wakabayashi (7/22, Boku wa Robot Goshi no Kimi ni Koi wo Suru) is directing the anime at CloverWorks Studios.
  • Saki Takahashi (Ao Haru Ride) is in charge of character design and also serves as animation director.
  • DE DE MOUSE and Clammbon bassist Mito are responsible for the composition of the soundtrack.
  • The four main voice actresses perform the opening song titled “Sudachi no Uta (巣 立 ち の 歌)”, as well as the closing song titled “Life is Cider”, under the name of the musical unit Anemoneria.
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Wonder Egg Priority Synopsis

Following the suicide of her best and only friend, Koito Nagase, Ai Ooto faces her new reality. With nothing to live for, she follows the instructions of a mysterious entity and is forced to buy an egg, or specifically, a Wonder Egg. By breaking the egg into a world that materializes during her dream, Ai is tasked with saving people from the adversities that come their way.

In doing so, she believes that she has come one step closer to saving her best friend. With this dangerous but tempting opportunity in the palms of her hands, Ai enters a place where she must recognize the relationship between other people’s demons and her own. As past traumas, unforgettable regrets, and innate fears are born in the strange world of Wonder Egg Priority, a young woman discovers the various inner struggles that haunt humanity and rescues her from her worst fears.

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