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World Aortic Dissection Awareness Day : Monday, September 19, 2022

Date: Monday, September 19, 2022

Every September 19, World Aortic Dissection Awareness Day is celebrated , a rare disease characterized by the rupture of the inner layer of the aorta and that threatens the rupture of its outer layer.

This date is intended to sensitize and educate the world population about the characteristics of this pathology, its diagnosis and treatment.

What is Aortic Dissection?

Aortic Dissection (AD) is a serious rare disease of genetic origin in which the inner layer of the aorta ruptures, causing blood to flow between the inner and outer layers of the aorta, which can cause the lining to rupture. Exterior.

The aorta is the most important blood vessel in the human body. It originates from the heart and passes through the cavities of the chest and abdomen. During its journey it emits arterial branches rich in oxygenated blood towards the arms, the brain and some vital organs such as the kidneys, intestines and lower limbs.

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