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Wuhan reports a month without new corona virus infections

The Hubei Provincial Health Commission reported that Wuhan City, the place of origin of the coronavirus, has not reported new cases of the disease for a month.

As reported by the Xinhua Agency, since April 4 there have been no new infections with Covid-19 in the town, thus totaling 30 days without new cases.

Since May 2, Hubei province has lowered its state of emergency against coronavirus from the highest level to the second-highest. But despite the good news, there are still 654 asymptomatic cases under surveillance in the province.

As of Sunday, health authorities have tracked 282,701 close contacts of patients with Covid-19, 1,280 of them are still under medical observation.

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Since the start of the pandemic in Hubei, 68,128 cases of coronaviruses have been registered, of which 50,333 correspond to its capital Wuhan.

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