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Xbox Game Pass: EA Play is delayed and will not arrive today on the PC service

Microsoft asked for patience and confirmed that the integration will be done by 2021

The Xbox Game Pass catalog grew significantly this year thanks to the arrival of EA Play to the Ultimate service , now available on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One.

This attractive perk is also on its way to Xbox Game Pass for PC. In fact, computer gamers were going to be able to enjoy a wide variety of Electronic Arts games starting today.

However, the plans changed at the last minute, as the integration of EA Play to Xbox Game Pass for PC was delayed. Because of this, interested players will have to wait a few more weeks.


Through a publication on Xbox Wire , Microsoft reported that it regrets not being able to bring good news to users of Xbox Game Pass for PC, as EA Play will take even longer to join the service.

So, Xbox Game Pass users on PC should be patient, as they will be able to access EA Play, its games and all its benefits sometime next year.

“Unfortunately, what had been a celebratory post is now one that calls for a little more patience – we made the decision to delay the release of EA Play on PC until 2021 as part of Xbox Game Pass PC memberships and Ultimate members ”Commented the company.

Microsoft stressed that its partnership with Electronic Arts is very important, as it will allow gamers to discover new titles and experiences. The company asked for patience, as it needs a little more time to provide all the news on PC.

Unfortunately, for now there is no new date for the integration of EA Play to the computer service. Microsoft promised that there will be more news about it early next year.

“We will have more to share early next year; As always, we appreciate your support as we work to bring this experience to our Xbox Game Pass members. Stay tuned for more information ”, concluded the company.


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