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Xbox Game Pass is open to agreements with other services

Xbox Game Pass has been one of the great successes of Microsoft’s games division and is one of the sections in which the company has registered very good numbers. The offering of more than 100 games available to download and play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC, as well as the fact that every Xbox Game Studios exclusive is available on Day 1, is quite attractive to gamers. However, there are still more possibilities for service, as Aaron Greenberg points out.

Recent additions to the Xbox Game Pass catalog coming from Electronic Arts subscription service EA Play, as well as the wait for the Bethesda catalog to arrive once Microsoft’s purchase of ZeniMax is complete, suggest that it is still there is still a long way to go to add to the service offering in terms of games. Likewise, the agreements concluded with Spotify and Disney + account for the opening of the service, something that will continue as mentioned by Aaron Greenberg, Xbox marketing manager, in an interview with GamingBible: “Well, there are many other different subscriptions. So you’re right I mean, we welcome that and it’s been great to see so many people embrace that across the industry. We are open to that possibility. ”

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In the same way, Greenberg assured that in addition to the openness they have in video games, the same would also happen if some other service seeks to rely on Game Pass: “EA Play was its own independent subscription service. Now, it is included in Game Pass as a great value; we believe the best way is to continue adding more value to the service. That is our main focus, but it does not mean that we are not against offering options to players. If there is another subscription service that wants to add , like the partnership with Disney +, and what we have done with Spotify and other subscription services, we are open to it to promote those services together, because we know that for many people, the best way to experience, be it games or other ways of entertainment, is to get the plan of everything they can have at a single low monthly price. ”

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