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Xbox Store posts warning about Cyberpunk 2077 issues

The platforms have had to make last minute changes due to the controversy

While the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 has caused a scandal in the industry and in the media, it has also put distribution platforms on alert, which have had to make last-minute changes to avoid getting into trouble with consumers and frameworks. laws that govern the commercial relationship between both parties. In that sense, Xbox Store has already done the same by placing a warning on the site where it sells the game.

After PlayStation announced the withdrawal of Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store due to the problems it has presented at its launch, in addition to the worst version being the base PS4, many wondered how Xbox would deal with this situation. Well, as announced today, Xbox will not remove the game from its digital store, however, as a precautionary measure, it included a warning in its US store that states the following: “users could experience performance problems when playing this game on Xbox One until updated. “

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