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Xbox would like to implement a family plan for Game Pass

The service continues to be successful and the brand's gaming environment currently relies on it

Xbox Game Pass has not only been one of the best successes by Microsoft’s games division in recent years, but it is currently the great support that the brand has to nurture the offer of 2-generation titles, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. So far, subscriptions are per account, although all console users can access downloaded titles, however, there could be a change in this soon.

Game Pass takes inspiration and elements from today’s most successful streaming services, including improvements to the user experience. Hence, it has been thought that at some point the Xbox service could have other types of subscription plans, such as a family one, and although this had not been publicly considered, it has been revolving around Microsoft’s games division . During a series of questions and answers on Twitter, Phil Spencer, Xbox boss and vice president of Microsoft’s games division, acknowledged that the idea of ​​a family plan has been considered for Xbox Game Pass, especially for those cases where that there is more than one console at home, so that everyone can decide what content to download and play, as well as to share the payment of the service.

Xbox Game Pass continues to grow and it was just revealed that all Yakuza titles will be available soon, as well as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which will debut on December 15. Recently, Control and Dragon Quest XI S joined the service.


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