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Yuru Camp reveals details of second OVA of second season

On the official site for the animated adaptation of Afro’s manga, Yuru Camp (Laid-Back Camp), some stills and details were revealed for the OVA that will be included in the third Blu-ray / DVD compilation package for the second season. This package will be released on July 28 in Japan and will be titled “Tabirisu Shimarin”.

Following the well-received twelve-episode first season in January 2018, the twelve-episode spin-off short series Heya Camp in January 2020, the long-awaited twelve-episode second season premiered in January 2021. This second season will be compiled. on three Blu-ray / DVD releases, scheduled for March 24, May 25, and July 27 of this year, respectively. The second package also lists an OVA.

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Production team

  • Yoshiaki Kyougoku (Yuru Camp) is directing the anime at C-Station Studios.
    Jin Tanaka (Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine, Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai, Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha) is in charge of series composition.
  • Mutsumi Sasaki (Memories Off, Seikoku no Dragonar) is in charge of character design and animation direction.
  • Akiyuki Tateyama (Island, Kemono Friends) is in charge of the composition of the soundtrack.

Yuru Camp Synopsis

While the perfect getaway for most girls her age may be an extravagant vacation with her loved ones, Rin Shima’s ideal way is to camp alone at the base of Mount Fuji. From pitching her tent to collecting firewood, she has always done everything herself and has no plans to leave her lonely little world.

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However, what starts out as one of Rin’s usual camping sessions ends somewhat as a surprise reunion for two when the lost Nadeshiko Kagamihara is forced to take refuge in her camp. Originally intending to see the picturesque view of Mount Fuji for herself, Nadeshiko’s plans are interrupted when she ends up falling asleep in the middle of her fate. Alone and with no other option, she seeks the help of the only close person. Despite their hasty introductions, the two girls enjoy the cold night together, eating ramen and chatting while the campfire keeps them warm.

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