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Cosmo Tech Supply Chain Vulnerability Scan
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Build more agile and resilient supply chains with AI-Simulation

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Proactively manage Supply Chain resilience with SAP Integrated Business Planning & Cosmo Tech AI Simulation Download

SAP & Cosmo Tech deliver transformational supply chain solutions that help organizations balance the need for efficiency and a robust supply chain. The Supply Chain Vulnerability Add-on from Cosmo Tech brings advanced scenario planning capabilities to SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) to help identify and mitigate all supply chain vulnerabilities.

By adding a systematic review of potential disruptions in the S&OP process, businesses overcome uncertainty, become more agile and resilient, maintain smooth operations within their supply chain, identify ways to operate more efficiently, deliver increased value to the customers, thus maximizing their profitability on both the short and long-term.


Manage Supply Chain Resiliency in all levels of planning: strategic, tactical and operational 

The Supply Chain Vulnerability Scan for SAP IBP is based on the most advanced AI and simulation technology and provides all in one unified experience with the SAP integrated business planning solution. The Ai-Simulation Add-on enables global organizations using SAP IBP to tap into a wealth of knowledge on how to best leverage their data to expertly navigate growing supply chain complexities.

By combining supply chain end-to-end visibility, decision intelligence and continuous risk monitoring, business leaders make better, faster, and more informed decisions, detect problems early, ensure S&OP process efficiency in the face of  unexpected events, avoid the cost of  disruptions and gain tremendous competitive advantage.

Link Supply Chain Planning with real-time visibility, response, and execution

Link Supply Chain Planning with real-time visibility, response, and execution

The SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain (SAP IBP) solution is designed to streamline supply chain planning by integrating key aspects of the planning process including demand, supply, inventory, sales and operations planning.

SAP IBP supports end-to-end supply chain planning and simplified collaboration to increase operational efficiency, enable real-time visibility, better forecasting, and faster decision-making across the entire supply chain.


Expertly navigate complexity and uncertainty

Expertly navigate complexity and uncertainty

Cosmo Tech combines the capabilities of both AI and Simulation to solve the most complex industrial problems in ways that were previously impossible.

Industrial companies rely on the Cosmo Tech Supply Chain Resilience Review to anticipate the  impact of disruptions on the entire supply chain, pro-actively manage cascading effects, simulate multiple futures, and make the right business decision at all levels of enterprise planning.

By harnessing the power of AI Simulation in complex and ever evolving environments, organizations ensure intelligent operations, maximum value and a future that is robust, resilient, and sustainable.


  • Tightly coordinate the Supply Chain Planning process
  • Horizontally and vertically align decision making
  • Analyze the end-to-end business impact and create situational awareness.


  • Simulate the impact of uncertainty and unexpected events.
  • Identify potential supply chain weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
  • Reduce vulnerability through unlimited mitigation plan scenarios.


  • Build enhanced preparedness in the face of disruption.
  • Optimize the flow of operations and supply chain configuration.
  • Ensure high service levels in any business circumstance.

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