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For maximum asset performance and profitable investment planning over the long-term

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IBM & Cosmo Tech joint technology help businesses develop optimal asset management strategies for meeting financial, sustainable, operational performance and risk level targets over the short, mid- and long-term.

Through this partnership, we provide a new approach to asset management, one that helps organizations not only to respond quickly and maintain business continuity under varying circumstances but also develop optimal strategic asset investment plans.

Now you can use valuable insights from intelligent, connected assets and untapped data sources to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and even experiment with alternative revenue streams, all in accordance with modifiable decision-making policies and processes.

Get the most value of your enterprise assets

Cosmo Tech AI-Simulation Platform connects to maintenance and health information from IBM Maximo Application Suite to develop a dynamic model of their entire operating system.

These inputs are then used to replicate all the EAM applicable resources that constraint the feasibility of the OPEX/CAPEX plan and simulate alternative maintenance policies and investments to guide businesses to the optimal outcome.


  • Test unlimited scenarios to anticipate all possible situations and quickly respond to unforeseen conditions.
  • Optimize risk management by identifying resource bottlenecks and mastering cascading effects on the entire organization


  • Optimize capex allocation and prioritized replacement plannings based on both asset current state, failure predictions and operational constraints
  • Justify planned capital expenditures on infrastructure and reduce the bias in large capital investment decisions.


  • Frame a systemic approach to define asset management decisions by capturing their impact at both operational and strategic timescale
  • Understand the entire cost of assets and make informed and accurate long-term investment planning decisions
Monitor, manage and maintain your assets in a single platform with IBM Maximo Application Suite

Monitor, manage and maintain your assets in a single platform with IBM Maximo Application Suite

The IBM Maximo Application Suite builds on IBM’s decades of leadership in the asset and operations management space, providing a closed-loop model from capturing and analyzing data to access key monitoring, maintenance, and reliability applications across the business.

It provides access to a full set of capabilities to improve your asset management lifecycle capabilities from Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) to Asset Performance Management (APM) and beyond.

Not only does it reduce data silos, but it also enables customers to increase uptime, improve productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and build more resilient operations.


Reduce downtime and costs by optimizing asset management and maintenance processes.


Improve asset and operational availability with advanced remote asset monitoring at scale.


Manage the health of your assets to increase asset availability and improve replacement planning.
Cosmo Tech systemic approach to asset management

Cosmo Tech systemic approach to asset management

From IBM Maximo, the customers continue their journey to Cosmo Tech Asset. Simulation provides capabilities that change the traditional way of how we look at the asset condition and performance. It enables a new generation of advanced predictive and prescriptive simulations.

Our solution provides a 360° view of the dynamic behavior of the most complex organizations, comprising hundreds of individual assets, processes, and resources, to simulate business strategies even under conditions that have never occurred before.


Simulation modeling provides a safe and cost-effective way to test scenarios without impacting your business.


Dynamic asset lifecycle simulation allows the observation of a system behavior over time at any level of detail.


Unique orchestration of multiple simulation methods, tools and machine learning techniques.

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