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Accenture, SAP SE Collaborate on Transformational Supply Chain Technology

Accenture, SAP SE Collaborate on Transformational Supply Chain Technology

On November 28, Accenture announced a significant expansion of its partnership with SAP SE, focusing on helping organizations to reinvent supply chains. This collaboration aims to establish “a comprehensive supply chain nerve center that can reduce risk, enhance visibility and support sustainability goals” in supply chain operations. Utilizing the latest in cloud technology, AI, and analytics, this initiative offers a groundbreaking approach to supply chain management. It promises enhanced transparency across all supply chain tiers, enabling organizations to swiftly adapt to changes in supply, demand, and inventory, and to transform data into actionable insights for better decision-making.

Cosmo Tech contribution in the Supply Chain Nerve Center

Integral to this initiative that features assets, accelerators and assessments, is Cosmo Tech Supply Chain Vulnerability Scan. Available on the SAP® Store, the online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings, this digital twin simulation software integrates with SAP Integrated Business Planning software helping organizations to see the vulnerabilities in their supply chain, simulate the behavior of their supply chain under heavy loads, and build robust mitigation plans throughout their planning process. 

The Supply Chain vulnerability scan is powered by the Cosmo Tech AI-Simulation platform